We have been keeping ourselves extremely busy this past fall and now during the winter of 2017 with new pool installations and a few remodels as well. The couple of hurricanes that came up our coast during the fall made some of our installations a bit more adventuresome than we like. We had to battle through some higher than normal groundwater but thankfully our well points did their job and our new pool installations turned out beautiful. The December rain slowed us down a little bit but we are hoping with the New Year comes some drier weather so we can have everyone swimming by spring.

We are in the process of finishing up with a major renovation to a vinyl pool in Ogden.We completely replaced all the old pool walls, removed all the old concrete deck to be replaced with pavers, addition of a natural rock waterfall, water slide and much more. We can not wait to for the final result, it is looking beautiful!
Check out a few photos of what we have been doing during the fall and winter.

We are looking forward to completing our winter projects and opening up the 2017 pool season which is just right around the corner. If you are looking for a new pool, want to renovate your old pool or have any service or maintenance needs, be sure to give Coastal Aquatic Pools a call!