It has been an awesome pool season so far!  Aside from our regular service work and pool cleanings,  we have completed a couple major renovations , numerous liner changes,  and have done a decent number of water line tile jobs also.  It’s amazing how big a difference new water line  tile can make on a pool.  All of our fiberglass pools we install include water line tile in the price because we just don’t think a pool looks complete without it.

One of our favorite projects so far this year was on a vinyl  pool in Wilmington that was over 30 years old.  The fiberglass stairs were completely cracked, the deck was old, cracked and had mildew all over it.  The homeowners were not sure as to which direction to take with the renovation,  so they decided to leave everything up to us.  Being in the pool industry for about 20 years, we have installed and renovated so many different pools, the design aspect is something we really look forward to.  The pool was at an early 80’s brick home, so we new one of the best updates for this pool would be some beautiful brick coping to blend with the style of house.  After adding a new entry into the pool, completely renovating the deck , installing the new liner and hooking up the high efficiency variable speed pump we are thrilled with the results.  The difference is night and day, and we finished everything in just 3 weeks!

We are looking forward to our upcoming pool installations we have scheduled during the next couple months.  It’s going to be a hot, fun, and exciting finish to the summer!  Don’t forget the fall and winter are great times to get started on any major pool projects to assure you will be swimming  by next March!

If you are considering installing a new pool, renovating your old pool, or need any type of maintenance or service work, be sure to give Coastal Aquatic Pools a call!